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Re: Linksys USB200M in Lenny with kernel 2.6.24.

Hello Joe Hickey,

At Sat, 28 Jun 2008 02:46:49 +0100 you wrote,
"Will 'ifconfig' do the trick?"

"ifconfig" will list all configured interfaces.  An interface is 
a software entity depending upon a device; a description 
of an interface can tell me about the device it uses.  
Conversely ifconfig can not report on an interface which 
doesn't exist.  An Ethernet device for which an interface 
has not been configured, will not be mentioned by "ifconfig".

Prior to udev or so, devices didn't change while a system 
was running and the owner would have a fairly certain 
understanding of Ethernet devices present.  Now udev 
keeps a list of devices and avoids using an ethn used 
previously whether or not it remains connected.  So, for 
example, a system can have eth0, eth1 and eth5 while 
eth2, eth3 and eth4 have been removed.

"man udevinfo" hints that udevinfo might be able to list 
all the Ethers recognized by udev.  Unfortunately, there 
are zero examples(!) and the man page is too sketchy 
for me.  I do not see how to get a list.

With any luck, someone out there has figured out how 
to use udevinfo.

Thanks,         ... Peter E.

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