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Debian (Stable Version)


I've always been a Debian stable user, using Gnome as my desktop manager,
currently using Etch and have always wondered about the following:

Sometimes there are software that I want to use but they are not yet in the
Debian stable repositories.

I can compile them from source into .deb package and install it that way.

However, most often the libraries needed to compile the software will be newer
than that in the repositories.

In which case there are two options really:

I can try and compile those libraries and use them parallel to  stable version
for those software that I wanted to use in the first place (which could
potentially be a lot of work since who knows in the worst case scenario I might
need to compile a newer version of the compiler or even system dependant
libraries like gnome libraries), basically the list goes on due to dependencies.
Or alternatively scrap stable version completely and use the testing version of
Debian instead.

Any suggestions of what have been your solution in the above scenario?

Thanks in advance.



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