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Re: Recover lost (deleted) data in Debian

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Mon June 16 2008, Paul Johnson wrote:
Copy it back over from your latest backup.

Though, this would require that you are already making backups.  If
you're not, consider this a lesson about why you should, go get yourself
a big, external firewire drive (and a compatible controller if your
machine doesn't support firewire yet) and check out the faubackup

ok, so my Mybook backup is a few months old.. I was using an rsync command line to backup my desktop.
never heard of faubackup before!
# faubackup /home /media/disk ( the Mybook 750Gb.. external USB HD)

lets see how long it takes..

yeah, but this was also too late for me:) I uh, managed to wipe out my wifes entire Mail folder ( kmail)... ran some stupid command that was supposed to do a maildir2mbox conversion. Well, it sorta did, but only the top level folders, and it wiped out the entire folders email, including sub folders.. and the mbox files were not in subfolder format... SOOOooo, I had to do a quick mbox2maildir, humbly apologizing that I'll make backups more often:) at least before I do anything stupid..

Before I run "for d in * ; do mumble $d && rm -rf $d;done" I always stick an "echo" in there, so I can se that it will do the right thing. Then I hit up-arrow, appropriate number of ^b and ^d to get rid of the echo.

Håkon Alstadheim

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