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Re: problem: GNU Screen within gnome-terminal

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 05:21:21PM +0800, Canhua Chen <chencanhua@fudan.edu.cn> was heard to say:
> Today I find that my problem is probably  related
> to the LC_CTYPE that I set as zh_CN.UTF-8.
> When I set it as "C", the aptitude and mutt doesn't
> show messed or corupted display any more.
> Now I am still wondering how to have GNU Screen
> work well with mutt and aptitude or any program
> using termcap/info under LC_CTPE=zh_CN.UTF-8.

  I can use zh_CN.UTF-8 in screen; at least, aptitude looks no worse
than in a normal terminal (I think I'm missing some Chinese fonts).  But
if I run screen itself in a non-UTF-8 locale, it gets all messed up.
Maybe you're doing something like that by accident?


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