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Re: Where do you run ssh-keygen, server or client.

H.S. wrote:
Nathaniel Homier wrote:
I have 1 desktop computer (we will call it son) and it runs a ssh server. When I visit my mothers house I would like to be able to access (son) from my mothers computer (we will call it mom). I have setup the

Here is what I do (I use this method to access my univ lab machines from home):

1. Generate a key pair on mom (rsa is the newer algo)
$> ssh-keygen -t rsa

2. Copy the public key to the machine you want to log in to
$> ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub username@son

3. Then try logging in from mom machine to son machine and verify it works.

4. Note that in the above steps, mom and son actually machine names based on their domains. Using Alan's method you can create entries in ~/.ssh/config file to give nicknames to these machine.


ssh server on (son) to use key based authentication. Now the question is, do I run ssh-keygen on (son) or on (mom)? What I have done is, on (son) is to:
$ssh-keygen -t dsa
$cd .ssh
$cat id_dsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

I assume I take my id_dsa.pub to (mom) and hook it up with the latest Filezilla version and Putty? Or do I do the ssh-keygen on (mom) and add the "id_dsa.pub" to (son)"~/.ssh/authorized_keys?
Son Etch
Mom Windows XP Pro


The nicknames are a good idea. I can pretend that I am on the Nostromo when I am using mother. :)


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