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Re: managing source packages

Michal Kapalka wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been using Debian stable on my laptop for some time now, and I
> really appreciate it, especially because updates do not break things
> that work well. However, sometimes I need a package/feature that is only
> in testing/unstable, and which is not (yet) in backports. The safest way
> (I guess) to deal with those packages is to install them from source
> using "apt-get build-dep / apt-get -b source / dpkg -i", but there are
> several shortcomings of this method, which I describe below. Any
> thoughts of how one can manage source packages better would be
> appreciated.
> 1. Installing/building dependencies
> 2. Keeping packages up to date
> 3. Removing (build) dependencies

Can't you just set up a local repository for the packages that you build and
give them a version number that is between stable and backports? So the
version numbers look like

stable version number --> your custom version number --> backports version
number --> testing version number --> unstable version number.

That way when you upgrade to later versions, it becomes a simple apt-get

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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