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Problem with Ubuntu printing on a Debian server

Hi there
 I have a problem with printing from my Ubuntu (8.04) workstations on
network printers exported by a CUPS server running under Debian Etch.
On the Debian server the CUPS version is 1.2.7 while on the Ubuntu boxes
CUPS version is 1.3.7.

To be a bit more precise: printing with lp works fine from within a
terminal. However, all applications using the GNOME printing dialog fail
to print. 

When I open the printing dialog lets say from evince i get the following
error message in the access_log on the Debian server:

- - [29/May/2008:10:28:09 +0200] "GET /printers/HPCLJ4550DN?all HTTP/1.1" 404 0 - -

if a network printer is activated by default (otherwise I get this
message after activating a network printer via mouse click).
When I try now to print the document the access_log on the Ubuntu client
gets the following message

- - [29/May/2008:10:32:13 +0200] "POST /printers/HPCLJ4550DN HTTP/1.1" 200 162889 Print-Job client-error-not-found

It seems that the GNOME printing dialog is making an error in the
printer request. 
Has anyone an idea how to solve this problem?

  Eugen Wintersberger

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