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Re: Local Exim and reportbug

Fredrik Tolf escreveu:
Hello list!

I have a few Debian systems at home, and my own domain name with e-mail
set up (that's the domain I'm posting this from). The SMTP server that
sends mail outwards (I'm running Sendmail on Etch) uses SMTP
authentication to avoid being an open relay. I use GSSAPI authentication
with krb5.

What would be the best way, then, to use programs such as reportbug on
machines other than the SMTP host? The problems I'm running into are the

 * Normally, the exim4 installation has remote forwarding completely
turned off.
 * To try and solve that problem, I have tried to turn on smarthost
forwarding, using my normal SMTP server as the smarthost, but that does
not work, since the internal Exims cannot authenticate to the server.

How best to solve this? I have found the `--smtphost' option for
reportbug, but I cannot find whether it can use GSSAPI authentication,
and I don't want to report a dummy bug just to test. Does anyone know?

Besides that, is there a way to get the local Exim to authenticate
properly to the smarthost (using GSSAPI)? After all, there are lots of
programs aside from reportbug that use the local MTA program to send

exim has several ways to authenticate to other hosts it talk to, so I suppose it should be possible to do that.

But are the hosts all in the same network? In this case you could set up the main exim server to allow relaying from those hosts in the internal network without the need for authentication.

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