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dot in folder name in Courier or Dovecot [was: Looking for a decent IMAP server with hierarchical folders]


I'm looking for a decent imap server that supports hierarchical folders. My first try was Cyrus, but that one is too pedantic when accepting legacy emails. Other suggestions were Courier and Dovecot with maildir storage format.

Now I have lots of folders with dots in their names. And both Courier and Dovecot treat the dot as hierarchy separator. Frequently, domain names (as in mail.google.com) are used as folder names in my system, and these get messed up.

Is there a way in either Courier or Dovecot to allow dots '.' in folder names?

Cyrus has "Unix Hierarchy Convention", that appears to work well.
With Dovecot, I tried to set 'separator' to '/' in the 'namespace' construct, but it did not help.
How can I get this Unix Hierarchy Convention in Courier or Dovecot?


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I'm looking for a decent imap server with hierarchical folders. I tried Cyrus, but Cyrus does not accept the emails that I'm trying to copy onto it. Which other imap server has hierarchical folders? Any experiences for share?


IMAP does this by definition. I'm using Courier. Assuming a default Debian exim4 installation, you need to switch it to using maildir rather than mbox format, I believe all IMAP servers require this.

Courier can be set up to support maildir or mbox formats. Of course, maildir is better.


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