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kernel update breaks network

Hi guys,

I just updated an Etch server to linux-image-2.6.18-6-k7 (from -5-) and after a reboot network won't come up. The network card is an Intel 100mbit, uses the e100 driver. The driver loads, but trying to bring eth0 up gives me a "does not exist" error.

After much back and forth fiddling and replacing the card without any luck, I remembered this has happened before, and by accident I found out the previous time that the interface number has changed. So I checked. Sure as bob, it was now eth4...

Why does this happen? I imagine there's some of caching of the MAC address going on, and I'm worried this might expire at some point.

Another thing I noticed, while trying all sorts of things. I could not get the e100 driver to load with any options. I tried eeprom_bad_csum_allow=1 and debug=16 and it simply did not happen.

This just adds to another problem I have with e100, on my workstation, where it sees only one of two identical cards, forcing me to use eepro100 for the second.

Any ideas appreciated


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