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Re: freezes in 2.6.25

thveillon.debian wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom a écrit :

Just FYI, I went back to 2.6.24-1-686.
I had 2.6.25-1-686 + 2.6.25-2-686 running for 9 days and had 3 hard freezes: nothing moved, no kbd, no mouse.
The logs showed nothing up to the moment.
That hasn't happened since I bought this mobo 3 years ago.

It could be my hardware setup:
2 ATA disks, 2 USB external drives, one ATA, one SATA.


I had the same problem using "bigmem" on an Asus P5K-E mobo, c2duo and 4gb ram. On the same box the -amd64 is running fine. I tried many compilation options, and I even got the freezes with a vanilla kernel. It's still the same for 2.6.25-3. I filled a bug report but it didn't catch a lot of interest so far... I thought I was the only one to get that.

The only output I got was :


It's happening even with no xserver started on non tainted kernel.

What's your hardware precisely ?

I have an EP-8VTAI mobo with an Athlon XP +2700 at 2GHz and 1GB of memory.

What is the number of the bug?

At least you got output, I got nothing.


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