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Re: Setting Video Card

Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Fri May 16 2008, Benjamin Schmidt wrote:
Before spending many hours trying to get a usable Xserver-configuration
(or other configs), I always used an live-cd like Sidux, Knoppix,
Kanotix or maybe Ubuntu (all Debian based). The distribution running the
best way, you can simply install on your harddisk or export the live-cd
X-configuration file.

I noticed when I ran the new Knoppix CD 5.3.1, that it had all the cool effects, that i DON'T have with my Ubuntu Hardy install.. if you are running a LIVE CD, how do you save teh xorg.conf ( or X-configuration) file??? I'm talking about my DELL XPS laptop, I think it has Intel graphics card.. my desktop has NVIDIA..

"that it had all the cool effects"
Don't what you exactly mean with cool effects. Is it the KDE desktop, the login-window or some 3d animations?

The simplest way of copying /etc/X11/xorg.conf is to copy it on a memory stick (when plugged in, you get automatically a window if it's content). This way copy is very easy. Otherwise you mount your local harddisk (there is maybe a symbol on the desktop) and copy it directly. If that doesn't work cause of permission restriction, use the root terminal.

Best regards,
Benjamin Schmidt

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