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Re: deprecated smbmount --> mount.cifs

Amit Finkler wrote:
> After upgrading to kernel 2.6.24, the usual line in my LinNeighborhood
> using smbmount doesn't work anymore (mount.cifs error number 5 -
> input/output)
>         smbmount //GURU/SuperC_small$ /home/amitf/SuperC$/ -o username
> amitf%     fmask 644 dmask 755 uid 1000 gid 1000 debug 0

smbmount //host/share /mnt/target/ \
  -o username=usern,fmask=644,dmsak=755,uid=1000,gid=1000,debug=0

works here[0] (note the notation of the -o-argument) with the 
following output:

  Warning: ignoring deprecated smbfs option 'debug=0'
  WARNING: 'fmask' not expressed in octal.
  WARNING: CIFS mount option 'fmask' is deprecated. Use 'file_mode' instead


[0] up-to-date Lenny, Linux 2.6.24-1

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