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Cannot partition a hard drive with the Etch installer

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I am trying to install Etch in a new box which has an Intel dual core
CPU and a 250 gB SATA hard drive.  Since the instructions in the Etch
Installation Guide have not been helpful, I was consequently left with
my intuition, which unfortunately proved insufficient for me
successfully to complete the partitioning.

What I wanted to do is create a two primary partitions. One (sda1) of
82.2 mB would be for /boot partition. The other (sda2), comprising all
the remaining space on the hard drive, would be the one and only
physical volume (for the time being) of the LVM, which in turn would be
used for the one and only volume group in the system, named SOL.

In this volume group I wanted to create six logical volumes of varying
sizes, labelled home, root, swap1, tmp, usr and var.  Of those six
logical volumes, I want two of them (swap1 and home) to be encrypted.

After I created those two primary partitions and the logical volumes I
wanted, the partition overview screen showed the following:

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
LVM VG SOL, LV home - 223.1 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 223.1 gB
LVM VG SOL, LV root - 3.2 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 3.2 gB
LVM VG SOL, LV swap1 - 3.2 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 3.2 gB
LVM VG SOL, LV tmp - 1.1 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 1.1 gB
LVM VG SOL, LV usr - 16.1 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 16.1 gB
LVM VG SOL, LV var - 3.2 gB Linux Device Mapper
	#1 3.2 gB
SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) - 250.1 gB ATA WDC WD2500AAJS.0
	#1 primary  82.2 mB B F ext3 /boot
	#2 primary 250.0 gB   K lvm

Undo changes to the partitions.
Finish partitioning and write changes to disk.
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

When I selected the "Finish" option, the following was returned:

	No root file system is defined.
	Please correct this from the partitioning menu.

I went back to the partitioning menu but could find no way to indicate
where to mount each logical volume, nor to indicate which volumes were
to be encrypted.

My question: can I do what I want to do and -- if so -- how?

		Ken Heard
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