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Re: What can I do with an unloaded partitioned data set on Linux?

On Thu, May 01, 2008 at 03:50:09PM +0000, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> I am the proud owner of several unloaded partitioned data sets, dating 
> back to my days on OS/360 and OS/370.
> Does anyone have any code I could use to decode these?  I don't mean the 
> EBCDIC-to-ASCII (or to UTF-8) conversion -- I mean the weird file format.
> Or documentation about this file format?
> Or will I have to reverse-engineer it myself?  Not that that's likely to 
> be an insurmountable task.  I just suspect that somewhere, someone has 
> already done it.

I remember that there are some old-timers on here who have mentioned in
passing their history with mainframes, so hopefully you get an answer.
I didn't start __administrating__ computers until OS/2 then Linux,
although I am sure I _used_ a mainframe (probably doing that by sending
this mail...).

I must admit that until I read "days on OS/360...", I didn't know what
you were talking about.  

On what medium are the data sets?  Do you have a box that can physically
read them?  IIRC, there is a OS/360 emulator in the repository (I forget
the name); I wonder if it can read it.

For documentation, have you tried either wikipedia or the IBM website?
Its advanced search page is quite powerful.

I wish I had access to a mainframe (and the team to run it).  I think
I'd learn a lot of good, conservative, skills.  Perhaps having people
like you on DU is part of what makes Debian good and reasonably

Good luck.


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