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Re: Backup requirement

On 30-Apr-08, at 7:48 PM, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

I am looking at Mondo <http://www.mondorescue.net/>, etc. Kindly give

I've never used Mondo. I tried once only to find that the mondo kernel
couldn't boot my machine.  I figure that if I found a machine it
wouldn't boot that easily, then my luck would be that the bare-metal I
ended up with after a disaster wouldn't boot either.

I do use mondo regularly.... granted not with Debian machines. I have a couple of standard images at work that I simply restore whenever I need another desktop or firewall machine. I really like it. It's easy to test that it's working correctly before you need it too. The current developer has put in a lot of effort on it in the last while, and is steadily making improvements.

I would point out your files are kept in cpio archives, so worst case you can still always get your data back.


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