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Re: Debian vs. the Eee PC

On 04/07/2008 04:46 PM, Mark Allums wrote:

I expect this has been covered before, but people undoubtedly have more experience with it now, and it won't hurt to discuss it again.

What variety of Linux is installed on the EeePC? Does it bear any relationship to Debian?

A modified Xandros is installed onto the EeePC, and Xandros is a (much modified) Debian derivative.

Have people been using Debian with/on the Asus EeePC? What issues have come up? Is installing it easy, hard?

How is the experience? Would a $400 budget laptop from Acer or somebody be a better choice? (Assume I can't use a Macbook Air, or other high-end ultra portable. For whatever reasons.)

Is the SSD on the basic/original model adequate?

What size? The 2GB SSD is almost certainly inadequate.

Any other issues, beside the obvious?

Read the customer reviews on Amazon.com:

It looks like a great computer (that is, the 4GB version).

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