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Re: Debian Won't Install

On Sun, Apr 06, 2008 at 06:47:12AM -0700, Bryan wrote:
> I downloaded the latest Debin relese(4.0) from Bittorent and burned it
> to  DVD but for some reason it will not boot from the CD.  I don't
> think it is the CD becuase it boots on two other machines I have.  The
> weird thing is this same machine that won't boot with my Debian CD,
> boots with a XP installation CD.  Has anyone seen this before?  IS
> there some other way to install without booting from the CD?

Read the installation-manual from the debian website.  There are a few
reasons and options:

First, double-check the MD5 of the CD that it is burned correctly. 

Since you have the DVD then you have a good chunk of the repository even
if you need to use an alternate boot method.  One way would be to
download and burn the netinst.iso CD, another would be to make the
USB-key install if the box will boot from USB.  If it boots from floppy,
you could boot from that.

Its all in the manual.


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