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Re: Re: How to create a local mirror from CD

Thanks for reply,
Sorry, my request is probably not clear enough !!

I want to create a local mirror from CD's similare to the official site ( not containing all packages!!!).
In fact in my university I have several users which  want to install debian.
So I want to install the system thru the PXE, the type of installation (like netinstall) requires a precise arborescence for packages (Packages.gz, Releases, .....) . I want to create "my local repository from choosen packages".
I tryed to mount an official CD1, on ftp serveur, but the CD1 doen't contain appropriate gpg  and release file.

I summerize my request: Suppose you have a list of .deb packages, how to create an arborecence like the official sites or how the developpers create this site.

Thanks for help
best regards

I downloaded CD or DVd, I
want to create a mirror for my University ( just loacl) to install
from there on any machine, by using netinstall. ( or thru pxe);

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