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Re: want to speed up laptop

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:

xfce used to use gtk1.  It now uses gtk2 which is far more bloated which
makes it slower.  It also uses more memory...

Icewm does not, and OpenBox may not either.  You could try those.

currently i use FVWM-Crystal as my default desktop environment with Fluxbox as my "secondary". i _really_ like FVWM-Crystal now after i finally took the time to set it up. it gives me just enough 'eye candy' without the bloat.

other than the quake terminal i use xfce4-terminal for most everything. largely for the configuration options and especially since it won't annoy me when i press 'F10' while using midnight commander.

Arrant Drivel - really, it's just trash...

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