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Cron Daemon backup message too big

For a long time I've done back ups by having cron run a script
regularly. At a certain point (can't recall the circumstances) that
ceased to work, and I've had to initiate the backups by hand. 

What happens is that Cron Daemon sends me a message that reports backup
progress, That is, I suppose there is one line in the message for every
file backed up. However, at a certain point, the message gets too big
and the backup terminates. I get a message from cron to the effect,
"mail failure - message too big". 

My guess is that I am exceeding the message size limit in exim (default
is 50Mb). I suppose I could simply configure exim to accept larger
messages by having:

  message_size_limit = 500 MB

(not sure of syntax here), but I'd prefer that cron simply not send me
messages for this job. Is there any way I can modify my backup script to
tell cron to be silent or to send its report instead to a temporary log

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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