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Problems with sata_sil

Hi everyone,

I hope this wasn't coverd in the past, but I couldn't find anything.

I installed an etch on a machine, which has a new SATA Controller. lspci
tells me this about the device:
00:09.0 RAID bus controller: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3114
[SATALink/SATARaid] Serial ATA Controller (rev 02)

My mainboard is an Gygabyte GA-7IXE4.

Etch recognizes the controller during hardware detection, but when the
module sata_sil gets loaded, I get this output:

sata_sil 0000:00:09.0: version 2.0
ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LNKB] enabled at IRQ 11
PCI: setting IRQ 11 as level-triggered
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:00:09.0[A] -> Link [LNKB] -> GSI 11 (level, low) ->
IRQ 11
PCI: Unable to reserve I/O region #1:8@de00 for device 0000:00:09.0
sata_sil: probe of 0000:00:09.0 failed with error -16 

I don't know if I am doing anything wrong, or if this is a bug. I changed
PCI Slots, but this doesn't help either.

Any hints?


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