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Re: [OT] searching for crm

Try this RedMine !!!

It's the best I have ever try !!! Totally write in ruby,
with apache2 + fastcgi it's rock !!!

They support a lot of think, workflow, task, good for project, support for versioning tools (subversion, cvs, dark, mercurial ...)

Martin Marcher a écrit :

I'm looking for a CRM software, looking around it seems that SugarCRM
is the package of choice in this field but it's written in php and I
don't do that normally so I'd rather choose a steep learning curve
with python than with php.

I also know of xrms.sf.net (php again) as an alternative but I
recently had to enhance it and the code really seems unmaintainable
(mixed PHP/HTML/SQL in a single file), looks like it was created way
before anybody thought about MVC or some best practices, yes it does
work but I'll probably be enhancing it with some custom stuff where I
see fit.

my requirements would be:

 * web based
 * needs to have workflows (e.g. assign activity to a contact, if no
updates within a week -> escalate by mail,....)
 * soap/xmlrpc interface (xmlrpc preferred, it just so much nicer to use)
 * mail gateway (incoming mail should be automagically processed and
attached to activities/contacts,....)

nice to have would be:
 * written in python (what I sript in most of the time)
 * xmpp interface (escalation or something, i just like that protocol
it seems to be able to fit nearly any use be it human/human messaging,
human/app or app/app)
 * NO: tinyerp.org
 * NO: erp5.org
 * I had a look at both of these and they seem to just hide under open
source there isn't really that much documentation there (especially
erp5.org when i last looked at it), also they seem overkill as I
really just need CRM not ERP atm.

so does anyone have suggestions about more alternatives to look at?


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