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Re: KDM XDMCP error

On márc. 27, 13:50, Towncat <towncat.town...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have two lenny boxes, and I want to login to an X session on one of
> them from the other usingXDMCP. If I runKDMon the remote machine
> and try to log in,KDMjust restarts. If I run XDM on the same
> machine, I can login in throughXDMCP. I can also log in withKDM
> locally on the remote machine. Where should I start tracing the
> problem?
> Thanks:
>  tc
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One thing to add: xdmcp seems to work OK, as I can see the login
window of KDM remotely. It only restarts when I press login. Also, KDM
in itself seems to be OK, as I can login locally. The combination of
the two seems not to work.

Anyone seen this error or have a hint?


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