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Re: How to store/get hosts names when using dhcp ?

H.S. wrote:
Jabka Atu wrote:
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I'm upgrading my small home network .
today i use /etc/hosts on each machine to figure out where each host
goe's as in : whitebox.rent.net whitebox bluebox.rent.net bluebox blackbox.rent.net blackbox

since if i do any change in machine ip i will be forced to update all
how can i make it _dynamically_ (As in if some computer is connected
to the network then all other computer know about it

I have used dnsmasq package for this. Pretty easy to configure via its conf file. Helped streamline my home network. HTH.


Perhaps I should clarify this a bit further. I have one machine connected to the internet via its eth0. Its eth1 is connected to a switch and all my home machines are connected to that switch. dnsmasq is installed on that router machine and it acts as a DHCP server for my home network.


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