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Re: Can I configure one truetype font for ghostscript while bitmap fonts for other applications?

Hi Tutty,

Thank you for your reply.

> What do you mean obscure?
I understand that bitmap fonts are lousy for 'zoom' screen display, but
in normal condition, bitmap fonts display more concrete on screen than
truetype fonts, and this difference may not be very notable for western
alphabet characters. However, for ten thousands eastern ideograph
characters, ordinarily, the difference is obvious. Of course, truetype
fonts make perfect display on paper. In fact, for current postscript and
gs, bitmap fonts can not even be supported for eastern characters: all
squares instead of characters on paper and in ps documents. So, I wish
to set a truetype font for gs, but bitmap fonts for all other
applications' screen display.

> Start with gsfonts and gsfonts-X11,
> then add e.g. bitstream-vera or another font package.
Can gsfonts configure fonts for gs?

Thanks a lot for your help, Tutty.

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