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Bruce Perens run for OSI board?

This is Bruce' platform statement:  http://techp.org/p/7

My question is, why has he only garnered ca. 1800 votes?  Has nobody
heard of this?  Do you know something I don't?  He was a Debian DPL,
his being at Pixar gives us Potato, Etch, & etc., he runs
technocrat.net, one of the most thoughtful news sites out there, he's
_volunteering_ to shepherd an organisation which he helped create.
Why would anyone question voting for him?

I'd be happy to hear your views off-line if you prefer.  That's my
real email addy above.  I'd really like to know the answer to this
question.  I expected him to be in the hundreds of thousands by
now.  See the opening paragraph on his Wikipedia page!

btw, I did think long and hard where I ought to be posting this, but
settled for asking Debian, F-up to curiosa.  Please, let's not annoy
the regulars with something so tangential to their problems.  Thanks
for anything you may offer.

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