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Re: Debian is losing its users

Simon Jolle wrote the following on 03/26/2008 06:06 AM:
2008/3/26, Wei Chen <wchenhk@gmail.com>:

Hi Wei

 The search volume for Debian has been continuously decreasing in the
 recent years, as shown in the search trend statistics of one of the most
 famous search engines. This indicates that Debian is losing its users,
 e.g. about 50% in the last 3 years.

Link to this statistics?


And what "most famous search engines" are you referring to? Google?

I doubt that searches for "Debian" in any context have anything to do with the number of people using it. I have three Debian systems, soon to be four, and I haven't done a search for debian in years! I know where to find what I want; debian.org, sourceforge.net and debian-user@lists.debian.org, to start with.

I would guess the most likely person to do a search for any alternative operating system would be a Windows user who is sick and tired of it and is looking for something to replace it!

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