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Re: Apache running vbscript-ASP

On 03/26/2008 04:11 AM, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:
Hi all,

I need to alter some vbscript-files for a website that is running on an IIS installation. I am not going to be able to change that, so I will have to be able to actually run that site. Is there any way to do so under Linux? I found that Gambas should run vbscript, but how do I get it to talk with Apache?
Thanks a lot for any help.

Sjoerd Hardeman

Well, apparently nobody knows. Then I'm afraid I have to use IIS for this project. And yes I know it runs only Windows, but I am not going to convert that whole site in a decent language.


Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:

Most probably you must use IIS for that project. Microsoft created ASP as an open set of standards, but VBScript is proprietary.

Nonetheless, there is a little hope:

Google this: linux asp vbscript
And this: mod_gb
And this: Sun One Active Server Pages

Good luck.

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