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Debian on Thinkpad R61i [Volume buttons]

Hello everybody,

I bought Lenovo ThinkPad R61i just week ago and I have some troubles
with volume buttons. I've been searching a lot already but I haven't
found useful solution yet. I've already tried use tpb, kmilo (there is some
progress, when I press up button, it displays 11%, but nothing else
happnes, when down button is pressed, it displays 0% and mute button
desn't react). Also I tried hotkey-setup, nothing ... It also doesn't
generate keycodes and acpi events.

Only showkey reacts.
There are some events like

But I really don't know how to take advantage of this to use it globally or just in X.

I have been searching on thinkwiki.org and I
tried some howtos, but still nothing (except showkey in console).
Maybe I missed something. If anyone knows what to do or how to find a solution, please let me know.
Thank you very much.

Computer related information:
BIOS version: 7QET28WW (1.10)
Product name: 8943DRG
Kernel version:
Distribution: Debian Etch and Lenny mix :)

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