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Re: configuration of a linux router

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 11:20:24AM -0700, peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> dt> if you don't own peasthope.yi.org, then I wouldn't use it even locally.
> But I do own the machine and the name.
I, personally, for the would only use localhost and

> yi.org is a dynamic dns service.  Not 
> already being allocated is a precondition 
> to assigning "peasthope.yi.org" to my computer.

If this means that there is some possibility at any given time that you
will not own that domain, then I would not use it locally.  I'd use
something else entirely.  I suppose there would be no problem with using
"peasthope' without the .yi.org as a local domain sice without it, it
will never be routable on the internet.

> dt> It is a valid name.
> So ... I miss your drift here.

I've seen people use a made-up name on their local network then have
trouble, if they don't get their DNS setup just right, with packets
getting routed to the real "example.com" whatever.  I thought that you
had just made up the name.

If you owned the name outright, then there would be no problem using it

> dt> e.g.
> dt>	[thisbox].[yourlocaldoamin]	[thisbox]
> Is [yourlocaldoamin] a domain name used 
> only on my private LAN?  

Yes.  One that cannot be routed to the internet, unless you own the

> I understand why computers have names.
> "ftp curie" is better than "ftp".
> But what is the benefit of a domain name 
> for my LAN?

Well, any time you need to lump your network together in, e.g.
hosts.allow or in an MTA setup (e.g. host for which you will relay mail),
its a lot easier to say " *.hooton" than to individually list all the
hosts.  Especially if you later add a host, you don't have to go around
adding its name everywhere.  I also is fundamental if you use anything
other than "files" for resolving.  
> The revised /etc/hosts is appended.  With 
> any luck it is closer to what you suggested.
> ===========================================
> .joule:~# cat /etc/hosts
> # /etc/hosts file
>	localhost.localdomain localhost
> # Private LANs at home 
>	joule.shaw.ca joule
>	curie.shaw.ca curie
>	joule.shaw.ca joule
>	heaviside.shaw.ca heaviside

Now you're using shaw.ca for your home domain.  Do you own that?  Would
you like to e.g. relay mail for all of shaw.ca?

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