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Re: Palm TX Handheld and Debian

On 03/17/2008 06:55 AM, Thierry Chatelet wrote:
I want to buy a Palm TX. Has anyone experience on running Debian on it?
Thank you

Yes, I have been able to backup my Palm TX PDA with kpilot (for Sarge) a couple of times, but kpilot is not very good software. Most of the time, it can't get a connection to the handheld, and kpilot crashes when it backs up some databases.

In addition, my attempt to restore by PDA from the backup on the PC failed miserably with kpilot entering an infinite loop and failing to do anything.

You might have better success with gnome-pilot, but I haven't tried that one. I'm strongly tempted to end my boycott of Microsoft and just buy Windows XP before June--just so I can hotsync like a normal person. :-(

Incidentally, I recently upgraded to Etch, and kpilot still has problems recognizing a connection.

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