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Re: apt-get --purge

Raj Kiran Grandhi on 16/03/08 03:33, wrote:
Adam Hardy wrote:
I want to understand what apt-get does with the files of a package I'm having problems with, but there seems to be stuff going on that the man page isn't telling me about.

I installed tomcat5.5 and then tomcat5.5-admin.

There seemed to be some serious problem with the tomcat manager installed by tomcat5.5-admin, which stopped tomcat starting, so I tried to de-install it.

I ran apt-get remove tomcat5.5-admin

The problem though remained - the tomcat manager settings were preventing a clean start-up.

So I ran apt-get --purge remove tomcat5.5-admin

This made no difference. So I ran

apt-get --purge remove tomcat5.5

to clear the whole lot. However it let various tomcat files in /usr/share/tomcat5.5/ which I manually deleted.

Those files that you deleted probably belong to some other package that tomcat5.5 depends on. So, apt has no way of knowing that the files are deleted.

I re-installed tomcat, but the bootstrap.jar - one of the main start-up binaries - was not reinstalled.

You can try 'dpkg-query -L tomcat5.5' to see a list of files that come with the package. Also 'dpkg-query -S bootstrap.jar' should tell you which package provided the bootstrap.jar file.

You can also try apt-cache depends tomcat5.5 to get a list of all the dependencies and reinstall them with 'apt-get --reinstall install'

You are totally correct. I had not expected tomcat to be disassembled into different packages in that way - the missing files were part of libtomcat5.5-java.

It was a useful lesson in package management, I'll not those commands.

Thanks alot

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