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Re: Enigmail not compatible with icedove?

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Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 03/15/08 09:06, Rich Healey wrote:
>> I just copied all my settings accross from thunderbird on this machine
>> (debian, but icedove installed a 1.5.x with apt, so i just build
>> thunderbird from the mozilla repos) to my other debian machine, (just
>> installed icedove,, like this machine) anyway.. it says that the
>> enigmail extension is not compatible with my build type
>> (linux-gnu_x86-gcc3) .. i'm not sure what to make of this, i'm assuming
>> that would be the same buid type on my other machine, i'm now about to
>> build from source on that box, but i'm wondering if anyone else has had
>> this problem, or knows how to fix it?
> I'm using Enigmail 0.95.0 with Sid's Icedove  I recommend
> that you deinstall the enigmail addon and then install the enigmail
> package from the repository.
> BTW, which branch are you running?  Stable, Testing or Sid?
ah ok, it'sa package in debian's repos, now i geddit.

Well i ended up just building from source (!) and installing it
manually.. anyway that machine was on lenny.

Thanks for the help
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