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Re: Games on a Redmond virtual machine.

Nuno Magalhães wrote:
Greetings, enjoy your breakfast.

I have a 20GB partiiton with an OS that i seldom ever use. When i do,
it's to play games. My board's an Asus M2NPV-VM which has an onboard
nVidia GeForce 6150. The thing is i'm gonna repartition and reformat
the system, so i'm considering getting rid of that OS but...

Using virtual machines and emulators isn't unheard of, what i want to
know is how and how good. Can i have a full Debian system running XP
kinda like a chroot? Like running in a window in the desktop? What
would i use? VMWare? Would that involve installing XP sepparately in
its own partition or having it installed on top of Debian? I want to
have the OS installed somehow, not emulated like with wine or

Since the purpose is to play games, would it actually work? I have 2GB
RAM and an Athlon 64 3500+ (2.2GHz), i think it's enough.

Thanks in advance for your enlightened constructive input.


When it comes to vm running Windows (or any other OS), you are limited in what games you can play. The limitation is imposed by what video card is simulated and how quickly your vm can respond (do you have virtualized capable hardware (I think your CPU has it ). If the game will run off of "any" windows video card and your system is fast enough, yes you can play. If you need advanced 3d graphics, probably you can not as the virtual video card will not support it.

Damon L. Chesser

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