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Re: Setting OOo to print [update]

andy wrote:
I have had to reinstall my printer, and now although using CUPS I can print a test page, OOo doesn't print through it. Can someone advise me how to set it up so that OOo will recognise the printer as the default and print through it.



I should say that I have attempted to invoke the printer admin option by ./spadmin in my home directory, and when that failed, in the /usr/share/oo /etc/oo and /usr/lib/oo directories as well. I have done this both as normal user and as sudo. To each attempt, the response is the same: No such file or directory.

Beyond this the OOo help is of no help, so I am really hoping that someone here has an answer. I have a large document that I need to print out so I am feeling a little crazy about this.

Any tips/ideas please?




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