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Re: Iceweasel does not use JRE

Rich Healey wrote:
> I have the jre installed apt, or at least i think i do
> [richo@xenia:~]$ dpkg -l *jre*
> ||/ Name           Version        Description
> +++-==============-==============-============================================
> ii  sun-java6-jre  6-04-2         Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE)
> Is there anything special i need to do to make iceweasel recoginise it?
Try installing one of the following plugins, depending on the version
that you want to you use:


To install, as root, enter into a console:

apt-get install sun-java#-plugin

(where # is the version that you want.. i.e. "sun-java6-plugin").

Hope this helps.

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