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/media and /mnt ownership and permissions

Be default on my system, both are owned by root/root, and since that got
in my way when I was in a hurry, I simply changed their ownership to
owner/owner. I know this isn't proper. My setting up a sidux on X61s
Thinkpad is an opportunity for me to start out the right way. 

My inclination would ge to assign these directories to a group and make
user a member of that group. But no default group name seems to fit right,
which makes me suspect this might not be the proper way after all.

When I plug in a usb-stick, it is assigned the interface sdb, which on
sidux is owned by root/floppy. Should /media be owned by root/floppy?
How about /mnt?  
       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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