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Can the kernel be forced to detect memory not seen by the BIOS?

Hello everybody,

I just got my hands on a new 512 MiB SD-RAM stick for my old PIII box.  
Unfortunately the BIOS sees only 256 MiB and so does the kernel. Is 
there a way to get the kernel to detect all memory?

In case you are wondering:

- chipset of the motherboard is Intel i440BX

- the only BIOS upgrade available for the board does not load (tried 
  that in order to get it to detect HDDs > 32 GiB)

- mem=512M does not work

- SD-RAM is really scarce here, it will be difficult to find two 256 MiB 
  sticks to exchange (though currently this seems to be the only 

The machine is currently running a 2.6.22 (lenny) kernel loaded from a 
custom Debian live CD (no HDD). I could create a new CD based on sid if 
there is any chance to get it working.

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