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Re: Help booting up Debian

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 03:03:20PM -0800, michael mozenko wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to install Debian.  I am a first time user but
> Linux sounds great and I want to try it out.  I have already
> partitioned my hard drive to accept the new OS, and I downloaded the
> ?alpha? version of Debian and burned it to a DVD-RW, then I restarted
> my computer and set the BIOS to boot from the CD/DVD drive, but the
> computer still started Windows even though I could see it started
> reading the DVD drive, then it just loaded Windows as normal.  Then I
> downloaded the ?AMD? version of Debian and burned it to a DVD.  When I
> restarted my computer, the DVD drive was obviously reading but then
> Windows loaded as normal.

If you really tried to boot the Alpha CD, this would be a problem.
Alpha isn't a version of the OS, its an architecture (wikipedia Alpha
server) that never ran Windows.

You want the i386 netinst.iso CD.  That will instal a minimal debian on
its own, or a more feature-filled if you have internet access during the
install.  Of course, after install and you set up networking, you can
install any debian packages at any time.

Have you read the Installation Manual from the web site?  If not, do so
to save headaches for everyone.  After install, you'll want the
debian-reference and since you're new to Linux, a good book.  

Each Linux distribution does some system administration things totally
differently:  how to set up networking, how to add packages, sometimes
how to add users, etc.  For this, the debian-reference is fine (even if
it discusses an older version of debian).  However, all Linux distros
are Unix-like and so a good Unix book is very helpful.  Please avoid a
book that focuses on another distro using only that distro's tools to
tell you how to do things.  So in order, I would recommend: a Debian
book; a Unix book; a Linux book.


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