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Re: microsoft vs opensource

Telaman Consultancies wrote:
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From: steefvanduin@zonnet.nl
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Subject: Re: microsoft vs opensource
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 19:16:54 +0000

Miles Fidelman wrote:
steef wrote:
is there somebody out there who knows the (juridical) implications
the kind of "intellectual property" when somebody is going into
bush and tries to patent - (and gets this patent indeed) - a very valuable indigenous procedée before a court in the Western world without the consent of the people who developed that procedée over centuries?

This happened a few years ago, when Sony misappropriated certain
aspects of the Maori people of New Zealand for incorporation into one
of their games.

Their was an outcry, and Sony ceased and desisted.

Their are now a number of programmes, internationally, the primary
concerns of which are the protection of the intellectual property of
indigenous peoples.

Is that different, or not, from patenting a very
script without the consent of the programmer of this software? As
as i understand that is where MS often is after.
yup - they're called lawyers (or less polite terms, depending on
they're working for and how honorable or dishonorable the
of their clients)

This is what will be interesting when Microsoft's code is finally
looked at in a fully open manner.
Their recently expressed ideology of fostering, and getting directly
involved in, may well be all they need to hide the fact that they,ve
been stealing code for years.
i understand that. maybe i did not put my question right. i should
like a short answer that concerns the content/heart of this matter.


I've seen only one term applied to this conversation which I would
deem accurate, Steef, which is why I withdrew from it.

One personality knows nothing of the subject.
Another knows a little about the subject.
Consequently, there's a stream of misdirected drivel taking up list

I've been involved in Peter Suber's efforts toward open content in
academic publications since the Topico list days, Larry Lessig's
icommons project since its inception and assisted in forming the
educational licence formats before that, along with discussions
involving the stance of intellectual property within the context of
Free Trade Agreements between countries, principally, U.S/Australia
and New Zealand/China, so am reasonably au fait with the subject

But, from what I have seen of this discussion, so far, nobody is in a
position to answer questions on the subject.

David Palmer.

thanks david. i myself got the impression that 'the' big corporations are often keeping busy themselves with legalized theft, backed up by their respective governments.



drs. steef van duin

publicist, research-journalist

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