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Re: Basic bash question.

On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 08:08:47PM -0800, joseph lockhart wrote:
> Luis Maceira <luis_a_maceira@yahoo.com> wrote: How can I see all the messages generated by
> a bash command (configure make make install,
> for example) to standard output(computer screen),
> and at the same time make sure that all is
> written to a text file for later analysis.
> It is a redirection but I don´t know how to make
> both things happen at the same time.
> Is that possible?With all the bash commands?
> Without GUI(X),all command line environment.
> I would try 
> some command && some command > some file

I believe that will only put the second command into the file, the
first will still go to the screen. And that only puts stdin in the
file, you'd likely want to redirect stderr as well. 


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