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Re: Is NFS export r/o safe from lan to dmz?

On Mon, March 3, 2008 21:00, NN_il_Confusionario wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 12:03:32PM -0500, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
>> Wouldn't a chrooted ftp server do the same thing?
> ftp is a intrinsecally more complex protocol than http (see the problems
> for firewalls with active/passive ftp...
> Moreover, the security history of ftp daemons is worse than the security
> history of http daemons (and it is possibly even worse than the security
> history of portmap/nfsd)

Neither ftp not minimalistic http would work in this case. Ftp is to
unsafe and minimal http wouldn't be sufficient for the streaming scripts /

I think rsync would be the only viable option. I'll go shopping for some

Thanks for all the replies.


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