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Re: texlive and includegraphics{}

Richard Lyons wrote:
I've just found texlive on a new etch install cannot find graphics called
with includegraphics{}. These are files that ran with Latex, and have '\usepackage{graphicx}'. The only error message is dvips: Could not find figure file /home/richard/foo/bar.eps; continuing
The graphics files are still there and permissions are ok.

Is this a problem with the debian package, or an inherent characteristic
of tex-live.  I.e. do I have to revert to latex or look for some
additional package?


This might not solve your problem, but I experience a similarly weird problem a while ago on Debian Testing. It turned out the default output of the latex command had changed (to something other than dvi perhaps?). Anyhow, I cannot remember the details but I do remember that the situation didn't make sense at the time -- something same as yours. I modified the source tex file a bit (it was related to output format, PDF vs dvi) and then it worked.

How about you give a minimal example that shows the problem and I can try it out for your on my machine.


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