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Re: internet

Jakub Daniel wrote:

I am experiencing problems with my connection to internet from HP compaq
6715s laptop.
problem is: When i try to pick a bcm43xx drivers during the installation
it tells me that it couldnt find any device (meaning the ethernet
card)... I would appreciate any info on how to make it work. I am also
willing to participate in finding the source of the problem. But i can't
figure it out on my own.

Well I would guess that the bcm43xx driver does not support the WLAN in your laptop. Best bet would be to install ndiswrapper which will allow you to use the Windows drivers for your card. It's a bit involved, you'll need ndiswrapper-common, ndiswrapper-modules and ndiswrapper-utils.. there's a HOWTO on the Debian Wiki[1]. You might need to stop the bcm43xx driver from loading in order to make this work, do this by putting "blacklist bcm43xx" in a file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (which you might need to create). Good luck!

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/NdisWrapper
Jamin @ Home @ Chester UK

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