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linux compatible battery powered wireless webcam

I am upgrading a vision lab in my uni and we are trying to set up wireless
controlled robots that can be used for vision exercises. One of the other
things I'm trying to do is make sure that the lab runs linux and not windows.

The robots will be the lego nxt robots, hopefully controlled over bluetooth (I
know that they can be controlled over bluetooth, not sure yet how hard it is to
do under linux).

To the current issue. We need a wireless camera solution that we can attach to
the robot (previous version used a usb camera but it is limited due to the

One of my thoughts is to use a wireless 802.11b/g or bluetooth webcam and I was
wondering how would I go about connecting such a device to linux (including
getting the video input in software, hopefully directing it also into matlab)
and if anyone has experience with any such devices that will connect to a linux


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