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Re: getting gs to see ttf fonts

On 2/29/08, Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:

> like a cookiesheet in the oven: crack! It was replaced with the 486 in
> 1994 (in the middle of exams at UofT).

Lucky you. I waited until 1996 (basically until I could afford it and
there was a good special) to get a pentium 100 with 16 megs of RAM.
Before that I was limping along with a Packard Bell 386sx, running at
16 mhz. Oh, those were the days :).

But I don't upgrade very often - usually 5 years before I go get stuff
to put a new computer together. My current machine (Athlon 1ghz/768
megs) is still pretty fast enough for most things I do, but a bit
sluggish for intense things like video transcoding :).  So I would of
course like a brand spanking new box, likely it will be whenever I get
to put one together it'll be such a screamer that I won't have to
update for quite a while (those dual core 4+ghz amd 64's look really
nice, but then again, by the time I upgrade I'll probably be able to
put a quadcore together :).

> Now, in 1988 it would have been a major coup to have a 486 with 16 MB
> ram....

Back then I think I still was running an XT :).

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