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Re: My own emails

On Thu February 28 2008 05:55:27 pm Rich Healey wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > On 02/28/08 19:39, Alan Ianson wrote:
> >> On Thu February 28 2008 05:19:38 pm Rich Healey wrote:
> >>> Is it possible to have the daemon that runs this list send my emails to
> >>> me as well? the solaris list does this and it makes life much easier, i
> >>> can't find anythign to make iit do this, but i';m guessing it's
> >>> possible.
> >>
> >> It does get sent to you but gmail sees it as a dupe and dumps it. I use
> >> kmail and so use the option to "keep replies in this folder".
> >
> > But since the list will send you back your email with list headers
> > added, why do you need to keep a copy of the text you emailed out?
> >
> > (Every few days, I delete anything in my Sent folder "To:
> > debian-user@...".)
> >
> >> If your mua doesn't have an option like that maybe you could cc another
> >> address you have?
> Ah cheers, i'll dig through gmail's settings and see if i can get it
> sorted out.

It's worth a look but I don't think you'll find anything.

Another option is to use another smtp rather than gmail to send them to the 
list. In that case they will arrive as expected.

> Wierd thing is that my ones to the solaris list find their way into my
> inbox.. anyway thanks.
> Btw i think it's because the solaris list changes the reply to address
> and such, also i'm using thunderbird, and only using gmail as the mailbox.

It must be.

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