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scripts running all the time?


I want to put a call to my hpodder (podcaster) in a script that runs all the time. So I can have my computer on and when the time hits 7 am or between 7 and 10 am it will podcast.

This is because I get better download speeds earlier in the morning.

So what script could I add an if statement to that could then just simpley run
hpodder update
If the time is correct?

I heard about crontab.

I read
man crontab but didn't find much.

I did;
crontab -e
And got a blank file.
So if I should use crontab then could someone please send me a sample file?
Its ok if it calls my /home/daniel/scripts/hpodder.sh
I'll just add code in there to check...

Thanks for any help,

Daniel Dalton


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