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Re: Changed device for camera..

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On 02/18/08 23:33, cothrige wrote:
> Charlie <ariestao@clearmail.com.au> writes:
>> As far as uuid is concerned, I get an id, but not a uuid, so I tried to enter 
>> the appropriate id into /etc/fstab but it didn't take there either. Not the 
>> id. There was no uuid i could discover, but forget what command I used to 
>> find the id.
> If you type `ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid` in a terminal you should get back
> a list of all your disks uuid symlinks.  If you plugged in your camera
> already, one of them should be something like CAMERA-UUID -> ../../sda1.
> This is what you are looking for, and you put this symlink in your
> fstab.  Just use the format of UUID=CAMERA-UUID in place of /dev/sda1.
> For example, mine is "UUID=3874-E1C0 /mnt/sansa vfat user,noauto 0 0"
> rather than "/dev/sda1 /mnt/sansa ..."  In the end, much less messy than
> udev rules I think.

/sbin/blkid will also tell you what a device's UUID is.

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